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Date: 2018-02-14 06:34

And BTW it 8767 s also an extremely accurate and comfortable gun. It blows the test Remington 755 all to hell in those categories.

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Steyr did not consider it worthwhile to create a smoother or lighter trigger for their semi-automatic-only trigger packs.

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Oh, and further to that. I 8767 ve read on another thread about the New Zealand army using steyrs that they 8767 ve had some issues with stoppages? Don 8767 t know what they 8767 re on about. I went through a whole range shoot with a chamber and mag housing full of dirt from a dust storm, didn 8767 t miss a beat.

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Try to shoot under, in, around vehicles in uncommon shooting positions, try to reload in urban prone or brokeback and then go ahead and tell people all about how awesome bullpups are.

I agree with you because of your precise wording
however one of my hypotheses when it comes to building a good bullpup is it probably is not possible to do using a RIFLE receiver. What I mean by this, is simply, you probably can 8767 t make an acceptable bullpup that easily converts to a rifle! Now to my mind every bullpup Currently available but the RDB and rfb are easily convertible to a conventional rifle.
honestly the vertical magazine well is one of the glaring issues here, but hardly insurmountable.
IDK though, only time will tell.

I have yet to find a place that sells the 7-set triggers and the 65 shot mag. Can anyone help?
And Randall F Stay off CAPS Just say 8775 NO 8776

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This gun screams 8766 space age 8767 and I’m really hoping Disney somehow sneaks it into one of the new Star Wars films.

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Seems likely, but aside from that I believe part of the appeal to consumers in the states is the ability to have a shorter rifle without having to SBR it.

Lol no. I 8767 m not a fan of the term direct impingement for the AR-65 platform since it honestly never fit the definition of Direct Impingement.
It 8767 s closer to a internal piston system than anything and sort of a hybrid, the definition of Direct Impingement was just morphed to include the AR-65 when it never should have.
So I just refer to it as the Stoner system since Eugene Stoner developed it, and there honestly isn 8767 t a specific weapon operating system it 655% falls into.

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