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Date: 2017-12-22 18:25

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Here at Cracked, the only "high" we're interested in is the natural high we get from bringing comedy to the world (and sometimes crystal meth), so we have no advice here. However there are a number of educational videos that recommend gardening, writing letters to congressmen, and driving while on salvia.

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Tannerite is sold legally as a binary compound, meaning you mix two harmless powders and get something that goes boom. Just apply the mixture to the object you wish to blow up and then hit it with extreme force or heat.

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Cracked cannot overstate the importance of destroying the horrifying bee menace. As a potent combination of "deadly" and "too small to shoot," the Africanized Honey Bee is quite possibly mankind's most dangerous enemy. Enter the flamethrower: your first, last, and only line of defense against the black and yellow hordes. In 6968, Brazilian firefighters armed with flamethrowers defended a group of children from the onslaught of buzzing death. This is apparently not an uncommon happening in nations fighting off the advancing bee legions.

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You can buy tannerite straight from the distributor. Premade shaped charges can be bought, or you can just get huge containers of the powders. We recommend only purchasing small amounts, as the temptation to blow it all up at once rises exponentially the more you have.

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It is the customer&rsquo s responsibility for understanding state laws regarding magazine capacities.

Customers ordering magazines that are illegal to own in their state will have their orders cancelled and will be charged a 5% restocking fee.

Long guns may be picked up by non-residents, provided they do so in person and the transaction is legal in both the transferee and transferor's state. The only exception would be permanent party military personnel, who would be required to provide a copy of their PCS orders, ID, and if they live off base, a state issued document (. utility bill, vehicle registration) at time of pick up.

Some of the most seemingly innocent facts we never even think to question were in fact originally churned out by the propaganda machine.

Thermite requires an incredibly hot flame to light it. Even a blowtorch won't quite do the trick. Magnesium is pretty much the only easily available substance that burns hot enough to set off thermite. You can find small bricks of the stuff in sporting goods stores.

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